Saturday, November 1, 2014

Reflection: Feast of All Saints

Feast of All Saints

It is easy and perhaps natural to put the saints on a pedestal. They were holy, prayerful and wise women and men. Each person who has “saint” in front of their name was extraordinary in their own way. Some of them may have performed miracles but the majority of saints simply lived quietly.

For the women and men we call “saints” (canonized or not), God was the center of their lives. Their every act flowed from their relationship with God. The majority of the saints were regular, normal people who loved God deeply. Many of them did not perform miracles but their relationship with God enabled them to make a significant difference in their world!

This feast of “All Saints” invites us to reflect on the holy women and men who have been and are a part of our lives. Most likely these individuals have an impact on us and on our lives. It is tempting to think that they were more gifted or special than we are. They were able to make a difference in their day simply by being women and men close to the heart of God. First and foremost this is what a “saint” is! The good news is: this means we also can be ‘saints’!

Today may we give thanks for all the “saints” in our lives. They are a gift from God and a gift to us!

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