Friday, October 31, 2014

Reflection: Luke 14:1-6

30th Week in Ordinary Time - Luke 14:1-6

In today’s Gospel Jesus breaks many of the “rules” of Jewish decorum: he heals on the Sabbath! In Jewish culture the custom on the Sabbath was to refrain from most every activity on that holy day. Sabbath was to be a day of rest, a day of “returning” to God. The focus on Sabbath was to be on God alone.

Jesus however once again breaks the rules of his culture. While he was at table in the house of a Jewish leader, a man suffering from dropsy was brought in and he was laid down in front of Jesus. Jesus did not immediately heal the man. First he addressed the Pharisees and the “learned” scholars who were present. He asked them if it was proper or lawful to heal on the Sabbath. They do not reply; they remain silent. Jesus then healed the man and sets him free of his infirmity!

Law is important in our world. However, the purpose and intent of the law is to insure safety, security and peace for the peoples of the world. However at times, we may put the “rules” before what is loving and healthy for an individual, family or community. True, we may be keeping the “law” or “rule.” However we may be breaking the greatest commandment: “Love your neighbor.” Jesus, today help us be mindful to use the “law” for the good of others and not just to “keep the rules.” Today and every day may we follow your example!

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