Saturday, November 15, 2014

Reflection: Luke 28:1-8

Luke 28:1-8

Today Jesus tells his disciples another parable. This parable is about praying always. It is the story of a judge and a woman. The woman had a situation that needed to be resolved. She wanted the judge to rule on this matter. However, the judge simply would not do it. Every day the woman would return to the judge and make her request again.

Over time the judge got weary of her presence and her persistent pleading. He finally decides that the only way for him to have any peace was to finally give the woman the judgment that she was waiting for. He did not do this for her. He did it for himself so that she would go away and no longer bother him!

Jesus applauds this woman for her persistence. Jesus also tells his disciples to not get tired and weary when they are praying. We also are to trust that God will answer us--- if we are persistent in praying. I assume that we have learned over the years that God most often does not give us an immediate response to our prayers. Can you remember a time when you prayed and waited, then prayed and then waited some more?

Jesus is reassuring us that he does hear our prayers and he will answer us. However, the timing may be not what we expect or hope for. We may not get the answer to our prayers on our time schedule. And it may not be the answer that I hoped for. However, Jesus does hear our prayers and he does answer! However, we may need to look deeply and listen deeply to hear or to recognize his response.

At the end of the story Jesus adds that we should not get weary. Today may we ask Jesus for what we need and perhaps want! Today may we be alert and attentive to how he answers us!

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