Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Reflection: Luke 17:7-10

Luke 17: 7-10 - 32nd Week of Ordinary Time

The Gospel for today is a bit unsettling. This parable speaks of the role, responsibilities and place of the servant in Jesus’ time. It was the duty of the servant to serve the master and his household. Jesus was not demeaning the servant. He simply is explaining that the servant is doing what she/he was hired to do. Therefore, they do not have cause to complain.

I assume that at times we also complain about our responsibilities and the time and effort they may require. Complaining can become a great past time. Often we may not even recognize that we are complaining. Does complaining make us feel any better? Or does it just reinforce our dissatisfaction?

Today is a great day to stop complaining! When we find ourselves complaining or being negative may we pause, “bite our tongues” and let go of the comment and thought. Instead may we strive to think of a positive aspect of the situation or the person. If we do this, we may find that we feel better about ourselves, others and life!

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