Saturday, November 29, 2014

Reflection: Luke 12:34-36

34th Week of Ordinary Time – Luke 12:34-36

Today’s Gospel is extremely short: only 3 verses. However, it is a powerful Gospel. Jesus is instructing his disciples to beware! He is cautioning them not to be drowsy or sleepy from drinking or from the stresses of everyday life. Again Jesus is reminding his disciples of the importance of being awake and alert.

The “everydayness” of life can become numbing. For most of us, I assume our daily routine is just that: routine! I assume that 5 days out of the week are fairly predictable: we go to work, we go to school, we clean the house, help the kids with homework, go grocery shopping, watch TV, etc. Routine is good for most of us. Routine makes life more structured and also a bit more predictable. There is comfort in routine. Routine gives us a sense of what to expect in my day. That can be comforting!

The downside of routine is that we may become drowsy or even metaphorically “sleepwalk” through our day. We do what we need to do, our bodies are there. However our “spirit” may not be very present or alive. On some days, we simply may go through the motions. In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us we need to be alert since we do not know when He will come!

Jesus wants us to be ready and prepared. Jesus also wants us to actively wait for his coming. At times, Jesus comes in disguises! Thus, we have to be alert and attentive or we will miss Jesus and the gift of His presence. Today may we strive to be awake to the many ways that Jesus will come to us. May we be awake to beauty, to the people we encounter. God is coming! Will we be asleep or awake? This is our choice to make!

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