Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Reflection: Luke 14:15-24

Luke 14:15-24 – 31st Week of Ordinary Time

In today’s Gospel Jesus tells the story of a man who on the spur of the moment decided to have a grand banquet. He sent out his servants to invite his relatives and friends to this wonderful meal. However, the response the servants received was not one they expected. Everyone they asked to come had an excuse for not being able to come. One man had purchased a field and he wanted to go and see it. Another man also said he could not come. He had bought oxen and needed to tend to them. The 3rd man had just gotten married and quite naturally wanted to be with his wife that evening.

Were these excuses why they could not come to the banquet? Or did the man’s family and friends truly have previous commitments? Regardless, the man was enraged that all of the invited guests had refused his invitation.

However, he was determined to have his banquet. The man came up with a different plan. He sent his servants out into the streets and the highways. They were to invite everyone they met to come to his banquet: the travelers, the blind, the lame and the destitute. Still there were not enough guests to fill the banquet hall. Again the man sent his servants out. This time they went out to the “highways and the byways” and invited everyone they met to his feast.

Today Jesus is inviting us to his feast! Will we accept Jesus’ invitation? Or will we also make excuses about why we cannot come? Jesus is waiting for our answer to his invitation! What will be our response?

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