Monday, November 24, 2014

Reflection: Luke 21:1-4

34th Week of Ordinary Time – Luke 21:1-4

Today we begin the last week of our current Church year. Next Sunday we will begin a new Church year with the First Sunday of Advent. This week Jesus shifts his focus as He begins to prepare his disciples for what is to come.

Today Jesus is in the temple. As was the custom, the worshipers who came to the temple made a ritual offering. As He sat in the temple, Jesus observed the many people who were coming and going. He noticed several wealthy people making very substantial offerings.

Then Jesus noticed an older woman, a widow, who came and quietly gave two small coins. Jesus suspected that her resources were extremely limited. Despite this reality, the woman came and quietly made her offering to God. Yes, the widow only gave two small coins, but given her circumstances, her offering likely was a significant portion of her limited resources! Her generous offering clearly speaks of what was most important to this woman: God and the Temple of God!

What do we offer to God? Do we make a donation to our Church or to another worthy work or cause? How generous are we? However, do we also give God our love, our precious time and our attention? Do we bring our worries and concern to God? Do we thank God for the many blessings we receive? Yes, we do need to support our churches and good works! However, what God desires most is us! God is waiting! Will we come?

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