Saturday, November 8, 2014

Reflection: Luke 16:9-15

Luke 16:9-15 – 31st Week of Ordinary Time

In today’s Gospel Jesus continues his instruction to his disciples. He tells his disciples that if a person can be trusted in small matters, they have earned the right to be trusted with more important matters. Trust is essential to any relationship. If we don’t trust someone, most likely we keep our distance. Nor will we share anything of importance with them.

Ask yourself: who do you trust? Who do you count on to support and love you—no matter what? As you answer that question, I hope God is the One we think of first! God is the one who loves us no matter what we have done or how we have acted. God may invite us to make some changes but God never stops loving us. God is always there for us! Do we truly believe this? If not, may we pray for the grace to trust our loving God!

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