Sunday, November 16, 2014

Reflection: Matthew 25:14-30

Matthew 25:14-30 – 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today’s Gospel is the parable of the “talents.” In this story the master of the house is going on a fairly long journey and he wants to safeguard his money while he is away. He gave one servant five talents, the 2nd servant two talents and the 3rd one was given one talent. The master, however, had an unspoken expectation. The master expected these servants to increase the amount of his money while he was gone.

The first servant and the second servant did what the master expected. They took the money and invested it. These investments increased the master’s money significantly. The increase varied but the master was extremely pleased with these servants. They had been excellent stewards of his resources.

The third servant, however, was a fearful person. He knew his master could be harsh at times. This servant decided that he simply would keep the master’s money safe. He buried the money in the ground and then waited for the master to return.

When the master finally did return, naturally he asked the servants for an accounting. Each servant came and reported what they had done with his money. The master was very pleased with the first 2 servants. Their investments had made him more money. However, the master was not pleased with the 3rd servant. Yes, the man kept his money safe, but the master had expected him to use it well and increase the amount of money — at least to some degree. Burying the money in the ground kept it safe but the master expected more.

How do we steward the resources that God has given us? Do we use them well and invest them wisely? Do we share them with others? Or do we hide them or dismiss them as insignificant? All our resources are given to us to share with others and the world. Do we believe that the resources or gifts we have are “good enough?” I pray we do!

We may believe that our resources are insignificant instead of using our gifts and resources. Do we use them for God, for others?

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