Friday, November 14, 2014

Reflection: Luke 17:26-37

Luke 17:26-37 – 32nd Week of Ordinary Time

Today’s Gospel is a continuation of Jesus’ dialogue with the Pharisees. He is responding to their question: “when will the Kingdom of God come?” In his response Jesus uses some alarming images. He talks about fire and brimstone as well as people suddenly being taken from their everyday activities. His description is graphic, harsh and even frightening!

Do you ever think about the “end time?” Do you wonder what the “end time” will be like? Does the thought of leaving this world frighten you or comfort you? The factor that may have the greatest impact on our response to this Gospel is the relationship we have with God. If we have a deep and personal relationship with God, Jesus or the Spirit, we still may have a bit of discomfort or anxiety but hopefully not a great deal of fear! However, if my relationship with God/Jesus/Spirit is distant or impersonal, it may be natural to experience some fear or even trepidation!

Today if someone asked you about your relationship with God, how would you respond? What would you say? Or would you just be silent? Today and every day may we take steps to grow closer to God! God is waiting for us!

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