Thursday, November 13, 2014

Reflection: Luke 17:20-25

Luke 17: 20-25 - 32nd Week of Ordinary Time

This Gospel begins with the Pharisees asking Jesus when the kingdom of God will come. Jesus tells them that the kingdom of God is not something you are able to “see.” Nor will anyone announce to you: “Here is the kingdom of God.” Jesus tells the Pharisees that the “kingdom of God is among you.”

Jesus also tells us “the kingdom of God is among us.” Do we believe what Jesus is saying? Do we truly believe that the kingdom of God is among us? If your answer is yes, how and when do you experience the kingdom of God? Who is someone who mediates the kingdom of God for you? Some people in our lives radiate the goodness and love of God.

We often miss experiencing the kingdom of God simply because we are not looking for it nor open to it. We simply expect the “ordinary.” Or we are too busy or preoccupied. Today may we intentionally open our eyes and hearts and be attentive to the ways the kingdom of God is among us—and within us! May God surprise and delight you today!

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