Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Reflection: Luke 12:12-19

34th Week of Ordinary Time –Luke 12:12-19

In today’s Gospel, Jesus continues his description of the “end times.” He tells the crowd that they will be taken to the synagogue officials and then be thrown into prison. Jesus also tells his listeners that they should not defend themselves in regard to any charges. However, Jesus does promise to give them the wisdom and courage they will need when they have to respond in these circumstances. Jesus does not stop there. He gives them more bad news. Jesus tells that they also will be betrayed by their families and friends! And they also will be hated — all because of Jesus!

Pause for a moment and put yourselves in their shoes. How would you react if Jesus was telling you this? Personally, I think my first instinct would be to walk away from him! Jesus wants his disciples to understand the seriousness of their commitment to follow him. The path that Jesus is walking is not an easy one! He wants his disciples (and us) to understand that if we choose to follow him, we also will have trials and difficulties! This path most likely will not be easy.

Are we truly ready to say yes to this call? Is our love for Jesus and our desire to follow Him strong enough for us to wholeheartedly say yes — despite the difficulties that may come our way? We know well that life is not easy and we realize that at times we will experience trials and pain. We do want to follow Jesus! However, we have to say yes to all that possibly might happen. Will we follow Jesus? Or not?

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