Monday, October 27, 2014

Reflection: Luke 13:10-17

30th Week in Ordinary Time –Luke 13:10-17

Today we have another familiar story. The primary character in this Gospel is a woman who had been crippled and incapacitated for 18 years. She was bent over and she was unable to stand up straight. Her whole world must have been limited by her infirmity. Can you imagine not being able to look into another person’s eyes as you were talking with them?

Yet her infirmity was only one aspect of this woman. Jesus looked deeply at the woman and truly “saw” her. He saw her — not her infirmity. And Jesus had compassion on her: he healed her of her infirmity! She immediately responded to his great gift by praising and glorifying God.

Many in the crowd were astounded by Jesus’ ability to cure her. However, the leader of the local synagogue was extremely upset by Jesus “healing” on the Sabbath. To this man, the law was more important than the life and health of this woman. He bluntly said this to Jesus! Jesus responds to his remark harshly. Jesus says that anyone who owns animals feeds and waters them on the Sabbath. Should this woman not be healed simply because it was the Sabbath? Did she deserve less than the animals?

At times we also become legalistic. And we may judge someone harshly — even though it is not ours to judge. At times the judgment comes so automatically, I am hardly aware of it.

Today as we move through our day may we be mindful of our thoughts and especially of our judgments! If or when we become aware that we are judging another, let us consciously choose to “let go” of the judgment! God will bless us! (And we will feel better about ourselves!)

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