Sunday, October 5, 2014

Reflection: Matthew 21:33-43

Matthew 21:33-43

Today’s Gospel reading is a bit of a “downer.” It is the parable of the landowner who leased his vineyard to tenants and then went on a journey. After a period of time the landowner sent his servants back to check on the tenants and to get his share of the crops. However, when the servants arrived, the tenants attacked one servant, killed the second one and stoned the third servant. When the landowner heard this horrible news, he sent more servants but the tenants treated them in the same manner. Then the landowner sent his son. He thought they surely would respect the authority of his son. This was not the case. Instead the tenants killed his son and took possession of the vineyard!

What a familiar story this is. In the past centuries our world has not changed much. Yes, we have advanced technologically, we live longer and we have a better standard of living. Yet we continue to alienate, hurt and kill one another. We negotiate peace in one country and conflict breaks out in another. What is wrong with our human community? Why do we continue to hurt, maim and kill one another?

There is so much violence and conflict in our world that it often feels that it is beyond my ability to change or influence the situation. And in some many ways it is true. Neither you nor I have the power to stop all the violence that is happening in the world. However, there is something we can do: each day we can strive to be women and men of peace. This may seem like a small thing to do. However, this is where peace has to begin: in the hearts of each one of us! Today may we begin!

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