Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Relfection: Luke 12:35-38

29th Week in Ordinary Time –Luke 12:35-38

The Gospel for today opens with Jesus telling his disciples to “gird their loins and light their lamps.” In Jesus’ day, the disciples understood exactly what he meant. These two actions are part of the preparation for the master’s return. These are not words that we would use today. However, the custom of preparing for guests and then waiting for their arrival also is part of our lives today!!

Jesus says that the servants who wait patiently for their master’s return will be blessed for their vigilance and their patience. Every day we also “wait” for the coming of Jesus into our lives. Some days, we clearly know when and how Jesus has been present to us. Other days, we may wait and wait and wait for his coming and we may never tangibly experience his presence. Perhaps what is most important is our “watching and the waiting.” If we don’t open our eyes and hearts to “look” for Jesus throughout our day, we simply may miss his coming! However, if we are watchful and vigilant, we may see Jesus in everyplace we go and more importantly, in each person we encounter!

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