Saturday, October 4, 2014

Reflection: Luke 10:17-24

Luke 10:17-24

Today’s Gospel opens with the 72 disciples of Jesus returning from a journey. Jesus had sent them out to preach and teach his message. They came back excited and very anxious to tell him about all the wonders they worked. Even the demons had obeyed them!

After Jesus listens to their stories, he makes it clear to them that it was not their ability that enabled them to heal the sick or to drive out demons. Rather, it was the grace and power of God!!

Jesus further cautions the disciples that they should be joyful but not because of their power to heal. Jesus wanted his followers to realize that they were very blessed. Jesus wanted them to know that the power was not their power or ability. It was God’s power working through them that enabled them to work these miracles! Without God they would have no power!

At times in our lives we may become focused on “what we do” and “how well we do it.” At these times do we stop and acknowledge that it is God’s power working through us? Or do we take the credit for it? When we have we done “a good work,” it is natural for us to feel good. However, we need to remember that it is God who is working in us and through us! Today may we remember to give the credit to our generous God!

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