Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Reflection: Luke 10:38-42

Luke 10:38-42

The characters in today’s Gospel are very familiar to us: Martha, Mary and Jesus. We know the scene well. Jesus has come to visit Martha and Mary. When Jesus arrives, Martha begins to prepare a meal for Jesus. While Martha was busy in the kitchen, Mary made him comfortable and then sat down to visit with him.

However Martha got very upset with Mary because she was “slacking off!” She was not helping Martha prepare the meal. Instead Mary just sat there and talked with Jesus while Martha fumed!

Each of us has a “Martha” and a “Mary” within us no matter what our gender may be. The natures of these two women mirror the personalities of many of us. As we grow up, we naturally begin to develop more “Martha- like” characteristics or “Mary-like” characteristics. Who knows why.

We all know both men and women who tend to be more like Martha. And we also know
others who tend to be more like Mary. It is normal that the “Martha’s” and “Mary’s” get on one another’s nerves at times since they approach situations in very different ways. But what a gift it is when we are able to recognize and appreciate one another’s strengths and gifts.

God is creative and God made each of us “one of a kind.” Today may we give thanks for the many unique and beautiful people in our lives! And also give thanks for our own beauty and uniqueness!

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