Saturday, October 25, 2014

Reflection: Luke 13:1-9

29th Week in Ordinary Time –Luke 13:1-9

Each day this week in the Gospels, the intensity of Jesus continues to build. Today’s parable is the story of the fig tree that was not bearing fruit. The owner had been waiting for this fruit for three long years. Finally, the owner told the gardener to cut the tree down. The tree was barren and he wanted it gone.

However, the gardener interceded for the tree. He was not ready to give up on the tree. The gardener asked the owner to give the tree one more year, one more chance. The gardener promised to fertilize and cultivate the tree to the best of his ability. At the next harvest, if the tree still was not bearing fruit, then he would cut it down.

Naturally in this parable God is the gardener. And no matter how “fruitless” we may be, God is not ready to give up on us! We belong to God; God loves us! And God will give us every possible chance to be fruitful! Today may we open our hearts to God’s action in our lives and then trust that we will bear fruit!

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