Monday, January 30, 2017

Reflection: Mark 5:1-20

Monday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time - Mark 5:1-20

Today’s Gospel is the story of the man who had an unclean spirit.  This man had been dwelling in the tombs.  His disorder was so severe that no one was able to restrain him, not even with a chain.  

When this man caught sight of Jesus, he ran to Him, threw himself on the ground, and cried out: “What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God?”  The man then begged Jesus not to torment him.   Jesus then asked the spirit: “What is your name?”  The spirit told Him: “Legion is my name.  There are many spirits.”  The spirit then begged Jesus not to drive the spirits out of the territory but into a herd of swine that was nearby.  Jesus did as they asked.  Immediately the herd of swine rushed into the sea and was drowned.  When the people realized what Jesus had done, they were astounded and afraid.  Then they begged Jesus to leave their town.
As Jesus was leaving the town, the man he had healed came to him.  The man wanted to follow Jesus.  However, Jesus gently told the man to go home to his family.  He was to announce to them what Jesus had done for him.  The man left and did as Jesus requested and he proclaimed the wonders that Jesus had done for him.  Mark writes, “All were amazed!”

Today take time to remember some of the wonders that Jesus has done for you throughout your life.  Some of the wonders may have been life-changing events.  Other wonders may have been subtler and may have taken place over a period of time.  Do you proclaim the wonders Jesus has done for you to the people in your life?  Do you share with your family or friends how Jesus is present to you and how Jesus is blessing you?

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