Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Reflection: Mark 3:13-19

Friday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time - Mark 3:13-19

Today Jesus appoints “the Twelve,” the disciples who would become His closest companions. Jesus wants to send them forth to spread His message of the “Good News.” He also gives them the power to drive out demons. He then sends them forth to preach and teach.

I wonder how the disciples responded to Jesus calling them to follow Him? Were they excited? Amazed? Or were they shocked and perhaps a bit apprehensive? Did they believe that they also would have the power to do wondrous works?

Today Jesus calls us! Today Jesus calls you and me to “do good” for others! Daily Jesus asks us to spread His Word and His Love. How do we respond? Do we trust that we have gifts to share? Will we trust that Jesus will be with us and guide us? We are blessed! Today may we share our blessings with everyone we encounter!

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