Friday, January 27, 2017

Reflection: Mark 4:26-34

Friday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time - Mark 4:26-34

Today Mark writes about seeds– the seeds that we plant in the ground as well as the seeds we plant in our lives.  Seeds are integral to the food chain.  There are billions of seeds that are planted in the earth every year.  Yet, I typically take these seeds and their produce for granted.  I go to the grocery store and buy what I want or need without appreciating the farmers who labor for hours in the fields who share with us the fruit of their labor.

Every human being plants seeds and produces a harvest.  We can plant seeds of harmony, joy and peace; or we can sow seeds of anger, discord, jealousy, or hate.  I invite you to take a moment and ask yourself: What type of seeds am I planting?  You might think over the past few days and review how those days went.  Were the fruits of your choices and actions love, peace, reconciliation, and harmony?  Or were the fruits of those days discord, anger, or indifference?  Be mindful today!  Strive to interact with others in a respectful, kind, and loving manner.  It is a great gift to give!  And perhaps today someone may give you this gift!

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