Friday, January 6, 2017

Reflection: Luke 3:23-28

Christmas Weekday - Luke 3:23-28

This Gospel reading from Luke begins with the words: “When Jesus began his work, He was about thirty years old.”  It was supposed that Jesus was not only the son of Joseph but he also was the son of Levi, son of Melchil, son of Nelchi, etc.  Luke lists the entirety of Jesus’ lineage.  Lineage or family genealogy has been important since the beginning of time.  It is important for each of us to have a sense of our family line.

Our family shapes us in a variety of ways: our values, our religious beliefs, our behaviors, and our attitudes toward life and other people.  Some of the values, attitudes, and judgments that we learned in our family we may retain throughout our lives, yet as we grow and experience more of life we may choose other beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes.  Jesus was no exception to this.  He retained much of what He learned from Mary and Joseph; however, Jesus had another primary source for His values and beliefs: God.

The good news is that each of us also has the same source for our values as Jesus did.  Today (and every day) I invite you to listen to this wondrous source of wisdom and grace.  If we so do, we may be more confident in our decisions, our choices, and our behaviors.  Listen attentively for the wisdom that is always available to you!

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