Saturday, January 21, 2017

Reflection: Mark 3:20-21

Saturday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time - Mark 3:20-21

Immediately after calling His disciples, Jesus returned to the house with the disciples. Again a large crowd gathered around Him anxious to hear Him speak.  However, this made it impossible for Jesus and the disciples to get any food.  When his family heard of this, they came to take charge of Jesus saying: “He is out of his mind!”  

What was it that caused Jesus’ relatives to believe that “he was out of his mind?”  Was it because his words sounded foreign to them?  Were they trying to make him believe and behave as they did?  Or perhaps they had not yet realizes that Jesus was much more than their relative!  They simply were unable to comprehend who Jesus was!  

I suspect that at times, this also is true of our families; at times family members may not understand our beliefs or our behaviors.  Yet hopefully, our families will continue to love us, even when they may not agree with us.  We also need to respect our family members’ choices; we simply do have not the right to judge what may be right for someone else.  Today may we strive to not judge others!  Today, we may give the gift of non-judgment!  

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