Thursday, January 19, 2017

Reflection: Mark 3:7-12

Thursday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time - Mark 3:7-12

The opening words of today’s Gospel state that Jesus and his disciples withdrew from the crowds. I would imagine that Jesus simply needed time for rest, quiet and peace. Crowds are usually draining — especially if everybody wants your attention!

However, this was not to be. A good number of people from various regions and cities followed Jesus. Despite His longing for quiet and peace, Jesus cured many people. However, as word of His power spread, more and more people kept coming to Jesus. The Gospel also says that unclean spirits shouted out to Jesus. These spirits recognized Jesus as the Son of God.

Who is Jesus to us? Do we truly recognize Him as the Son of God? Do we have a personal relationship with Jesus? Or is He simply a figure in the Bible? Do we only want Jesus to heal us so we can go on about our lives? If so, will we approach Him and ask Him for what we desire?

Perhaps the more important question is: do we desire a personal relationship with Jesus? This relationship is the greatest gift we can have! Perhaps we should ask for a deeper relationship with Jesus. Will we?

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