Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Reflection: Mark 6:45-52

Mark 6:45-52

Today, the Church gives us the familiar story of the storm at sea. I assume that most of us easily can put ourselves into this story. At various times in our lives, we also have experienced emotional storms that overwhelm us. It may have been an illness, the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, a financial crisis or ??? (you fill in the blank)!! Violent storms are not easy to weather! And even once the storm has blown over, these storms typically leave us with a residue of pain, loss, confusion and anxiety!

What storms in your life do you remember? Take a moment and reflect on that experience. Did this storm last for a few days, weeks or perhaps even months? Who supported you during this difficult time? Who journeyed with you? Was Jesus with you in this experience? Did you sense His presence and care? Or did you feel alone and perhaps abandoned?

We do know and believe that Jesus is with us! However, we may not experience a tangible sense of His Presence. However, Jesus often comes to us in various guises. It might be a friend who calls or a song playing on the radio that speaks to us or perhaps it is simply looking at the bare trees of winter or snow quietly falling!

Our part is to look deeply for Jesus. He is with us! However, we need to be awake and alert. Today open your eyes and hearts. Jesus will come today! Will we see Him and recognize Him? Be awake and alert!

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