Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reflection: Mark 3:1-6

Second Week of Ordinary Time — Mark 3:1-6

Today the Pharisees continue to monitor what Jesus is doing. As Jesus goes into the synagogue, He sees a man seated there who had a withered hand. Jesus quietly and simply asks the man to come to Him. Then Jesus turns to the Pharisees and asks them if it is lawful to “d0 good” on the Sabbath. Yes, it was Sabbath. However, was it better to heal someone or was it better to ignore their suffering?

The Pharisees did not know how to respond. They just kept silent. Jesus was deeply saddened and angry at the hardness of the Pharisees’ hearts. Jesus then turns to the man and quietly asks him to stretch out his hand. The man does so and immediately his hand was healed!

What is “withered” in our lives? What is the healing that we long for? Are we ready to “stretch our hand” and ask Jesus to heal us? Do we trust that Jesus will respond to us? Do we have faith that Jesus will heal us in some way (even if it is not the one we hope for?) Jesus is waiting for us! Will we come?

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