Saturday, January 24, 2015

Reflection: Mark 3:20-21

Second Week of Ordinary Time - Mark 3:20-21

Once again, Jesus is followed by a crowd of people. There is no respite for Jesus. The people are desperate. They long to hear Jesus preach and they hope to be healed of their diseases, be they of body, mind or spirit. The people recognized that there was something very different about Jesus. Yes, Jesus preached and healed as many other prophets did. But perhaps more importantly, Jesus truly “saw” them. And Jesus loved them!

Love is very healing! Love says that we are important to the other person. Love tells us that we are accepted and cared for as we are. Love desires the best for us, even if it is at the sacrifice of the other.

Jesus was and is the ultimate Lover. No matter what “state” we are in when we come to Jesus, He immediately gathers us to Himself in love. Perhaps the fact that Jesus desires us to come to Him no matter what “state” we are in is proof that Jesus is the ultimate unconditional Lover. Jesus simply desires for us to live in close communion with Him. He is not worried about our past. He never gives up on us. Jesus simply loves us as we are. And He waits for us to “come home” to Him! What will we do today?

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