Sunday, January 11, 2015

Reflection: Mark 1:7-11 (Baptism of the Lord)

The Baptism of the Lord – Mark 1:7-11

This Gospel opens with John the Baptist proclaiming that One mightier than he will be coming. The One who is to follow John also will baptize. However, He will baptize with the Holy Spirit, not simply with water.

The Gospel says: it happened that Jesus came from Nazareth and asked to be baptized by John with water from the Jordan. As Jesus came out of the water, Mark says that the heavens were opened up and the Spirit descended upon Jesus! How very dramatic! However, it didn’t stop there. Mark tells us that a voice from heaven proclaimed that Jesus was His beloved Son.

We all yearn to be the “beloved” of someone! As human beings, we have an instinctive need to love others as well as a deep desire to be loved. Hopefully, each of us has many people in our lives who love and care for us. Who are the persons you love? And who love you? What a great gift it is to be loved!

All love flows from God’s love for us. Our love for one another is a “sharing” in the love of God!

Today may we be mindful of the people who love us and be grateful for the great gift they give us. And also today, may we be more intentional in our loving. If we “love” another person today, God is present there!

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