Saturday, January 10, 2015

Reflection: John 3:22-30

John 3:22-30

The setting for today’s Gospel is the region of Judea. Many people approached Jesus asking Him to baptize them. John also was in the region and he also was baptizing. John’s disciples came to him and told him that Jesus was nearby and He also was baptizing and crowds of people were coming to Jesus for baptism. The tone of the conversation gives the impression that John’s disciples were upset that so many people were asking Jesus to baptize them. Were John’s disciples a bit jealous and envious of Jesus’ popularity?

However, when John’s followers approach him, John clearly tells them that his role simply is to testify to the Christ. He emphatically tells them that he is not the Christ. Rather his role is simply to be the forerunner of the Christ.

John clearly understands that his mission is to prepare the way for the Christ. John evidently is fully content to be the best man, rather than the bridegroom! He also tells his disciples that the role of the best man is to be the one who waits for the bridegroom and then rejoices when He comes. John clearly understands that the Christ will “increase” and his role will “decrease.”

In today’s world, many people seek to be in the limelight or to be important in some way. John knew his place in the best sense. He realized that he had a significant role in the drama that was unfolding. However, John was fully content to play his part and then step into the background.

How do you (and I) prepare the way for Christ’s coming? Do we understand and believe that we also are called to prepare the way for Christ? Are we content to play our part and then step into the background? Can we be content and rejoice that we have a part to play?

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