Friday, January 9, 2015

Reflection: Luke 5:12-16

Luke 5:12-16

The Gospel reading for today is extremely short: only 4 verses. However, it is a powerful Gospel. The main character in today’s Gospel is a man who has leprosy. As soon as the leper saw Jesus, he fell at His feet and begged Jesus to heal him. Jesus does not hesitate. He immediately reaches out, touches the man and simply says: “I will heal you! Be made clean!” Instantly, the man is healed! Jesus then orders him to go to the priest and make an offering in thanksgiving for his healing.

Immediately word went out through the town and territory spreading the news of the miracle Jesus had worked. As word of His power to heal spread, great crowds of people came to hear Jesus preach. Perhaps they also came hoping that they would be healed of their ailments or disease.

What is the healing you long for? It might be the healing of an illness or another disease. Or you may desire to have a heavy cross or burden lifted. Today will we come to Jesus and beg Him to heal us, to make us whole once again? Jesus is waiting for us!

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