Monday, January 26, 2015

Reflection: Mark 3:22-30

Third Week of Ordinary Time – Mark 3:22-30

Today’s Gospel picks up where Saturday’s Gospel ended. Today the scribes accuse Jesus of being possessed by Beelzebub. They state that they believe that it’s the power of this “prince of demons” that gave Jesus the power to cast out demons! Also, the people who were listening to Jesus preach declare that He was “out of His mind!”

However, Jesus did not let their comments distract or deter Him. He immediately turns to them and questions their declarations. Ultimately Jesus tells the people that all sins, all blasphemies will be forgiven. However, if someone blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, that one will not be forgiven!

What is our reaction to his Gospel? What is the message Jesus is giving us today? Is it about blasphemy? Or is Jesus simply trying to free us? At times in our lives, we are the ones who cannot forgive ourselves for something we have done! Ask yourself: what do you need to forgive yourself for? Are you willing to let Jesus “set you free?” Jesus is waiting and ready! However, do we trust Him enough to open our minds and hearts to His love, His forgiveness, and His healing?

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  1. In three wonderful paragraphs you have given us so much food for thought.

    The blasphemy against the Holy Spirit has so often been misunderstood over the years. It is a pity that it is not often explained plainly from the pulpit.

    You're also so right in saying that at times we find it difficult to forgive ourselves. The memories and regrets seem to block any belief that a loving forgiving Father has already forgiven what has been repented. If He has forgiven; then why not us forgiving ourselves?

    God bless you.