Saturday, January 3, 2015

Reflection: John: 29-34

Saturday before Epiphany – John: 29-34

The opening scene of this Gospel is an encounter between Jesus and John the Baptist. When John sees Jesus, he immediately cries out: “Behold the Lamb of God!” In this moment, John clearly points to Jesus as the “One who is to come,” the One the Israelites had been longing and waiting for. Even though John was the cousin of Jesus, he states that he did not know him. However, John did understand that his role was to prepare the way for the Christ. He did this by preaching to the people about His coming and by baptizing those who wished to be baptized.

What humility and self-knowledge John had. He knew exactly what his call and mission were. There is no indication that John was jealous that Jesus was the Christ. John seems perfectly happy with his role in the Messianic drama.

John is not the only one who is to point the way to Christ. This also is our call. Each day we are to direct others to Christ. Most likely, our ministry will not be as dramatic as John’s was. Yet our ministry may impact individuals we meet every day. Today may we be proactive and direct others to Christ by our care, our actions and our love!

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