Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Advent Reflection: Matthew 11:28-30

Second Week of Advent –Matthew 11:28-30

This Gospel is one of my favorite Scripture passages. In this reading Jesus invites “all who are weary and burdened” to come to Him. Jesus also promises to give us rest, rest that will restore us and renew us.

Ask yourself: What in your life wearies you? What wears you down or exhausts you? At this time, what do you need rest from? It might be worry about your loved ones, health concerns, financial concerns, feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities or perhaps feeling alone.

I assume that many of us are weary to some degree. What do we do at these times? How do we handle the weariness? Do we take our burdens, anxiety and weariness to Jesus and ask for the grace and rest that we need? Or do we ignore it, “stuff it” and just keep on going?

It would be wonderful if simply taking our worries and weariness to Jesus immediately and magically made everything right again. However, we know from experience that this typically doesn’t happen. Our concerns are still with us. However, if we come to Jesus, He will grace us with the strength we need to keep going and also to keep hoping. The question is: do we trust Him?

Ask yourself: what are your concerns, worries or anxieties today? I invite you to place them in Jesus’ hands and heart and simply trust. Jesus will grace you! Simply spending time with Him also will give you rest and lighten your burden! Trust Him! He is waiting!

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