Sunday, December 21, 2014

Advent Reflection: Luke 1:26-38

Fourth Sunday of Advent – Luke 1:26-38

The Gospel today is the appearance of the angel to Mary announcing that the Lord was with her. Luke writes that Mary was deeply troubled by the angel’s message. Who wouldn’t be? Mary was confounded by the angel’s message. Immediately the angel tells Mary not to be afraid. The angel also announces to her that she has found favor with God. Did Mary wonder if this angel was real? Or did she think she was going crazy?

Despite the confusion or fear Mary experienced, she immediately opened her heart to the angel. Mary trusted and believed the angel, despite the highly unusual and unexpected circumstances. Mary was a very young woman and a simple woman. However, she was a woman with an open and willing heart and mind. Clearly, Mary was a woman very close to God.

I assume that most of us have not had an angel appear to us. Yet at times, we also receive a message or a call that is frightening or confusing. What is happening in your life at this time that frightens you or confounds you? Do you truly believe that God is with you? Do you trust God to grace you with the faith, strength and courage to follow this path?

Mary has been down this path. Today may we turn to Mary and ask her to intercede for us, to pray for us and to walk with us on this journey. Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

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