Monday, December 1, 2014

Advent Reflection: Luke 8:5-11

First Week of Advent – Luke 8:5-11

The Gospel for this first Monday in Advent is the story of the centurion who approached Jesus asking him to heal his servant. Jesus quietly agreed to go with the centurion to his home. The centurion, however, was uncomfortable for Jesus to come into his house. He told Jesus that did not feel that he was “worthy” enough for Jesus to enter his home. The man believed that Jesus had the power to heal his servant without seeing the man or touching him.

Jesus was astounded at this man’s faith in Him. The centurion was not a Jew yet he clearly believed that Jesus had the power to heal his servant. The centurion must have heard that Jesus had healed others and performed miracles. Regardless, the centurion trusted that Jesus had the ability and the power to also heal his trusted servant.

The centurion was very concerned that Jesus would refuse his request. Perhaps he was worried that Jesus had heard about his past or his reputation. Jesus quietly replied: “I will come with you and cure him.” And we know that Jesus did heal his servant. Jesus also praises this man for his faith and trust in Him. Jesus told the centurion that thus far he had not experienced such deep faith in Him by anyone else in Israel!

Is our belief and trust in Jesus as strong as the faith that centurion had? Do we believe that Jesus does hear our prayers? Do we trust Jesus enough to honestly ask Jesus for what we need or desire? Do we continue our trust in Him even when we don’t get an immediate response?

At times, I assume that all of us have desire and hope for a miracle at different times in our lives. We may pray for physical, emotional or spiritual healing. Or we may ask Jesus to heal someone or to resolve a difficult situation. The reality is that we may not get the “miracle” we prayed for. However, Jesus will respond to us! We may have to trust and wait for His response!

Will we continue to listen and trust that Jesus does hear us and will answer us? Will we wait with open hearts, open minds, open eyes, and open ears?

Today let us pray for one another that we truly may trust that Jesus is working in us — even if we don’t have the evidence to prove it! Today may we pray to have a share of the centurion’s trust and faith in Jesus!

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