Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Advent Reflection: Luke 10:21-24

First Week of Advent – Luke 10:21-24

This Gospel begins with Jesus rejoicing in the Holy Spirit and praising God. Ask yourself: how often do you praise God and the Holy Spirit? I have to confess that much of my communication with God and Jesus is to ask for what I need. With all my needs, I often forget to thank God for the many blessings I have received. I have a great deal of abundance in my life! I have good friends and a loving family, food on the table, heat in this cold weather, warm clothing and medical care. I am not “rich” in the world’s eyes, yet I am very “rich.” I am blessed! How sad that I usually take these “riches” for granted!

The numbers of people in our country and our world who every day are hungry, cold, lonely or frightened, is overwhelming and tragic. Yet, I may complain about the least inconvenience. And yet we all lack something! It may be a shortage of emotional support, education, money, good health or healthcare coverage. You can fill in the blanks. Today however, may we stop and reflect on our blessings – small though they seem to be! We are blessed! Our blessings may look small or insignificant, yet still they are a blessing and gift. Yes, we also have our pain, loss, or difficulties. Despite the difficult or painful circumstances in our lives, can we still rejoice, give thanks and praise God? I pray we can!

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