Thursday, December 11, 2014

Advent Reflection: Matthew 11:11-15

Second Week of Advent – Matthew 11:11-15

Jesus continues his preaching to the crowds today. He is speaking of John the Baptist. He tells the people that no one has been born who is greater than John. Jesus follows this statement by saying that the “least one” in the Kingdom of heaven is greater than John.

Who is the “least” in our world? In our town or city or family, who is the “least” among us? Do we see these individuals or are they simply part of the background of our lives? It also may be more comfortable for us to see only what we want to see. It can be natural to try to block out what is painful or difficult.

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus sees the lost and the “least” and He is attentive to them. Jesus also wants us to have eyes and a heart that we will see the “little ones,” the “least” who are in our lives. Do we look for them? Are we attentive to them? Do we truly see them and then do what we can to help them?

Today may we pray that we will have the eyes to see the poor, the little ones, the least. May we also have the grace to help or console them in whatever way we can. It may be as simple as greeting them or listening to them! Or it may be helping them in some small way. To us, these acts may seem to be insignificant. However to the “other,” it may be a great gift! Who will we notice today?

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