Monday, December 22, 2014

Advent Reflection: Luke 1:46-56

Fourth Monday of Advent – Luke 1:46-56

The Gospel reading for today is the continuation of yesterday’s Gospel. In the opening words of this reading, Mary again proclaims the goodness and greatness of God. Despite the extreme and unusual circumstances of her call to be the mother of Jesus, Mary rejoices and proclaims that God has looked upon her with great favor.

I assume that all of us have had experiences in our lives when we did not understand what God was doing in our lives. How did you react in these instances? Did you continue to trust God? Did you draw closer to God? Or did you get angry or distance yourself from God?

Mary didn’t hesitate to question what God was doing in her life. She didn’t hesitate to wonder about the highly unusual circumstances of her pregnancy. However, Mary also must have had a very deep and personal relationship with God. Despite her confusion and fear, her trust in God and in God’s action was deep and heartfelt.

Each of us also can have the gift of an intimate, personal and trusting relationship with God. Today may we pray to Mary and ask her to give us a share of her faith and trust in God. Mary will help us. Mary will walk with us. And God will bless us!

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