Sunday, November 30, 2008

Experiencing Christ

As we enter into the season of Advent, a time of watchfulness and expectation for the coming of Jesus, I'm reminded of a story that Sr. Mary Mark told. She used to work with mentally handicapped children and started a school in Memphis called Madonna Learning Center. She had taken a group of students to the St. Meinrad Archabbey in St. Meinrad, IN for a tour. One of the students walked away from the group and went up to the balcony. She then shouted with a loud voice, "Jesus is going to be here in 10 minutes!" I know if I had been there, I certainly would have stuck around.

Jesus is already present among us. We experience this presence in the Word, in the Eucharist, in those around us, in ourselves, in nature, and in countless other ways. Are we aware of this presence? Do we not only treat others as Christ, but also honor the Christ within ourselves and treat ourselves with respect? What are ways that you have experienced Christ's presence?

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