Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We got an early start on Christmas this past weekend during Ferdinand's Christkindlmarkt. People from all over came to spend time browsing through several spaces throughout the town that had various booths of Christmas decor, apparel, and gifts as well as all kinds of antiques. It seemed to be relatively well-attended despite the weather, which was very cold and very wet. (Sr. Teresa swears that she saw a few snowflakes on Saturday. I think I saw a few too -- it was that cold.)

The monastery was a hubbub of activity. Quite a few groups toured through our church and grounds. Many of our sisters helped make baked goods to sell last weekend -- everything from cinnamon rolls to springerles. We also hosted the opening of Christkindlmarkt on Friday night with a special appearance by the Christkindlmarkt angel (Sr. Jeana). Several of us also played handbells for it. Children and some adults from the area were also a part of the opening celebration. It was quite beautiful.

On Sunday, a few groups of us sisters gave a Christmas concert. It was very beautiful. I got goosebumps several different times. I was very proud of our community, not only for the supreme effort that went into all of the preparations for the weekend, but also for sharing who we are with other people.

Last night at supper, the sisters in my house were talking about the talents that the sisters in our community have. While that is true, because we have very gifted women in our community, the best part is that our sisters do not keep their talents to themselves. They share them with others -- not only through concerts and such, but also by helping other sisters discover their own talents.

When I entered I had never played a musical instrument before. I didn't think it would be possible. Now I am involved with music through playing bass and handbells. When I entered it wasn't a question of whether or not I played something, but what I wanted to learn to play. I am very proud of our sisters for being selfless and giving through sharing their talents.

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