Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Today!

I used to watch this show called "Out of this World." It was about this girl who was part alien. Her mom was human and her dad was from another planet. I believe her name was Eve and she had the power to stop time. I always wished I could do that. I still do actually - usually in the morning when my alarm rings.

I must be fascinated with changing time because another one of my favorite shows is "Quantum Leap." In the show, Sam Becket created a time machine and had the ability to put "right what once went wrong."

This weekend we turned our clocks back one hour. Ever wish you could stop or turn back time? This weekend offered us the opportunity to live one hour over. Since it happened at night probably a lot of people enjoyed the extra hour of sleep.

I know we can't live our lives in the past and say, "I should have. . ." or "I wish I would have . . ." No need beating ourselves up over things that happened and can't be changed. Same is true for other people. We can't keep beating someone else up for things they did in the past.

No matter how much I'd like it, I have no power to control time. The best I can do is learn from the past and make right in the present moment what went wrong in the past.

Here's wishing everyone peace and happiness in the present moment.

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  1. Dear Sister Catherine,
    Hello there. I enjoyed reading your blog! I too loved the show Quantum Leap! I have also had the thoughts I wish I could go back in time, or change time. I know back in July, I came up for the Benedictine Life week, and I was sick the whole entire time, and I kept wishing to myself, I wish I could go back in time and not be sick. But, then one of the other retreatants told me, God has a reason for your being sick this week. I don't understand it but it's all for a reason. Thank you for your blog! Take care and God bless.
    Alex Larsen