Thursday, November 20, 2008

What, Me Worry?

I'm in charge of the children's liturgies at school. We often do skits before Mass that pertain to the readings. I recently came across a skit on the internet about worrying. It compared worrying to rocking in a rocking chair. Both give you something to do, but neither gets you anywhere. Worrying is also like using a camera without any film or batteries in it because both give you pictures that will never develop. The part of the skit that struck me the most (because I can relate) compared worrying to holding on to a heavy box even though you've asked someone to help you carry it. Both weigh you down and keep you from being productive.

I know in prayer I often ask God to help me and to work through me. I wonder though if I ever let go to allow this to happen fully. I desire to put everything in God's hands (especially those heavy loads), but I still hold on to certain thoughts, expectations, worries, fears, and past hurts. I bring these to God, while at the same I continue to hold on to them, causing me to not be truly free. I'm still holding on to the heavy box after asking God to take it.

I'm reminded of St. Hildegard - a Benedictine saint who saw herself as a feather on the breath of God. Wherever God wanted her to go, she went. Whatever God wanted her to do, she did. I'm sure at times she must have questioned. However, she also trusted fully and completely in God.

I know I ask God to help me, but how much do I allow this to happen. With St. Hildegard as our guide, let us pray that we may become free from any fears or worries. May we trust fully and become a feather on the breath of God.

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