Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to take 2 high schoolers from our parish to a large Archdiocesan youth rally/retreat with over 400 people. Steve Agrisano was the keynote speaker and played lots of wonderful music that got the crowd pumped up and inspired to live their faith. It was an awesome event and I was so touched by the call we all heard to love and serve and to reach out to the less fortunate and marginalized at school, at home, wherever we might see someone on the outskirts. Jesus calls us to be with them. Steve told hilarious stories and got everyone motivated to try and see Jesus in everyone they meet.

One man was sharing about his love for Jesus and he said, "You know, servant leadership really boils down to this: The other person should feel better about who they are and their journey because of their contact with you." What a beautiful image- a nugget that I will take with me from the event. We are all called to be servant leaders! All the youth were also challenged to live their faith every day, not just at youth rallies and inspiring events. How true for all of us! It is so easy to let experiences of God's presence slip, but when we stay centered on God, that focus can remain.

Anyway, I wanted to share about this experience with you. I've been singing the songs now for 3 days since then! If you get the chance to attend some kind of rally or inspiring event with people from your diocese or Archdiocese, I really recommend it. It might just give you the refreshment you need to continue on your daily journey.

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