Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am thankful for:
1. Friends near and far
2. My Benedictine community
3. My parents
4. My siblings
5. My nieces & nephews
6. My great niece and great nephew
7. Love
8. A listening ear in time of need
9. Sunny days
10. Morning frost
11. A star-filled night sky
12. My faith
13. Good health
14. Food on the table
15. Flowers
16. House plants
17. Computers
18. Internet to stay in touch
19. Heat
20. A warm, comfortable bed
21. People to look up to
22. All who support our community
23. Teachers & mentors who have helped me along the way
24. Children
25. Prayer
26. Freedom
27. Common sense
28. My vocation to religious life
29. Smiles
30. Tears
31. Laughter
32. Music

Just off the top of my head!

For what are you thankful? Leave a comment and let everyone know!


  1. I am thankful for some time with my family this Thanksgiving, and for the chance to meet my new niece!

  2. Things I am thankful for:
    4.My Job
    7.Quiet time with God
    8.The Ferdinand Benedictines
    9.My companion sister-Sister Sarah Yungwirth
    10.Sister Agnes Marie Dauby
    11.Sister Michelle C. Sinkhorn
    13.Every opportunity that I have been given in life
    14.My Catholic education
    15.The Eucharist