Sunday, September 7, 2008

What's in a name?

I teach music to 3 year olds to 8th graders. The other day, one of the kindergarteners said, "Hi, Catherine Sister."

I'm glad to be in the school so children can see that we're "normal" people. We're no different than anyone else - just going through life, seeking God, listening for God's will, and trying to do our best with the gifts we have.

The other day, we were singing a song in class. I told the students that God had created everything and that God would never forget us. God has given us every single breath we breathe. It's awe inspiring to think of your breath and see everything as a gift from God. One student then asked, "Who created God?" Of course, that's mind boggling. Then another kid asked, "Who created Heck?" I guess he thought he'd be in trouble if he used the word "Hell" in class.

God has created each one of us, and each person is in our life for a reason. I'm thankful for the Notre Dame Academy families, staff, and students who are in my life. I have lots of laughs throughout the day. I pray that in my own small way I can be Christ to them.

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