Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cracked Up

This has been the view out my office window for the past couple weeks. Two men have been working diligently on the ever-so-tedious task of sealing tiny cracks in the mortar of the bricks of our monastery church. Starting at the bottom of the rose window and working their way up they have searched and sealed one brick at time. What a job! This is an important task in that even the slightest crack can allow water in and cause damage to the inside. As I've watched them I have pondered the tiny cracks in my life - the business, inactivity, drifting thoughts in prayer... Though none of these "cracks" are monumental in themselves, left alone they could eventually cause damage. I am aware that I need to slow down, get outside, go for walks, and focus in prayer. As I continue to watch these men “heal” our church, I will take extra care to not become too cracked up myself!!!

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