Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Adventures!

Hi Everyone,

I've entitled this blog "New Adventures" because I am on one right now!

Not only is this my first new adventure as a "blogger" and this past week I've been learning how to use "Facebook," but on August 1st of this year, I began a new ministry as a Director of Music Ministry at St. Paul Catholic Center in Bloomington, Indiana. St. Paul's is the Newman Center and campus parish for Indiana University. This is a really great place to be because there are so many extremely talented musicians in the School of Music here and we can really "rock out" but also play some real peaceful and meditative music creating an environment of contemplation. And, as a young Benedictine Sister, I work with three Dominican priests and one Dominican brother, so I am learning about their order too!

I hope to post more in the future! I hope everyone enjoys the blog!

Sister Kim


  1. Did you get a facebook profile...what is the full name so I can look you up : )


  2. Hi Sarah,

    My full name on my facebook profile is Kim Mandelkow.