Sunday, September 28, 2008

Choice Theory

I just finished reading a book called Choice Theory by William Glasser. In his book, he makes many valid points. He says we are predominantly a society based on control. Most of our schools run on control. I tell you what to do. You do it, and I reward you. You don't do it, and I punish you. If you still don't do it, I punish you even more. Soon we have students who are always being punished and become fed up. They stop caring maybe because they think others have stopped caring about them. Some school, as well as relationships, businesses, or any other groups, are run on control. Who's going to win? Who's going to have control? The Result: failed marriages, failed relationships, and unhappy workers and students.

I know I'd rather be shown respect and care and not control. Knowing what my needs are helps me as I teach and also form relationships with others. I know I have been able to grow and become who I am because of people's acceptance, not because of their control. Why wouldn't I want to show others acceptance and allow them to grow in their own time?

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