Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Reflection: Matthew 13:36-43

17th Tuesday in Ordinary Time – Matthew 13:36-43

In today’s Gospel reading, the disciples ask Jesus to explain the parable of the weeds in the field. Jesus tells his disciples that the Son of Man (Jesus) sows only good seed in the fields (in the world). The good seed is the children of the world. They are fruitful!

Then Jesus tells his disciples that the weeds in the field are the children of the Evil One. The enemy who sows the weeds is the Devil! Naturally the “weeds” are the “children of the Evil One.” The Devil, the enemy, is the one who sows the weeds. When it is harvest time, the weeds will be cut down, collected and burned.

Jesus then speaks of the end of time. He tells his disciples that the Son of Man will send angels, and they will collect all of the “weeds” (sinners and evil doers) in his Kingdom. They will be cast into a hot, fiery furnace. However, the righteous will “shine like the sun” in the presence of God! What is the message that we are to glean from this reading? It is not a very inviting reading! However, this reading may prompt us to pause and reflect on our lives. I invite you to do so for five-ten minutes.

Now ask yourself: In my daily life, am I sowing weeds or wheat? What are the areas of my life where there appears to be more weeds than wheat? What do I want to do to change that?

I seriously doubt that any of us are striving to produce poor fruit. However, the weeds often begin to grow in seemingly innocuous ways. They are almost invisible at first. Weeds have a way of encroaching in every area of our lives if we are not mindful and alert.

Today I invite you to sit and reflect on this image of the “weeds and the wheat.” Then identify the weeds in your life. How deep are these weeds rooted? Do you wish to uproot them and allow the good seed to grow?

Then, identify the areas of your life that you have protected or sheltered from the weeds. What is the life and growth you experience in productive areas of your life? What have you learned that might enable you to get your weeds in your life under control?

Then talk with Jesus! Ask him to help you root out the “weeds” in your life. Jesus will not fail you!

Then thank Jesus for the productive areas of your life. These are gift and grace! Celebrate these gifts!

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