Sunday, July 26, 2015

Reflection: John 6:1-15

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time – John 6:1-15

Today Jesus crosses the Sea of Galilee. However, a very large crowd followed him. They had witnessed the signs and healings that he had done for many people who were ill. And they hoped to see more wonders and healings.

When they arrived at the other side, Jesus and his disciples went up a mountain. However, Jesus looked down and saw that a great crowd of people had followed him. They had traveled quite a distance and Jesus knew that they would be hungry. However, there was no food available on the mountain.

Jesus asked Philip: “Do you have any idea where we can get enough food for all these people?” Philip tartly replied: “Two hundred days’ wages would not be enough money to pay for the amount of food this crowd would require.” Then Andrew spoke up. He told Jesus that a young boy in the crowd had five barley loaves and two fish. However, this would feed only a few people.

Jesus then tells the people sit down. He takes the loaves and the fish and gives thanks to God! Then Jesus instructs his disciples to distribute the bread and fish to the people. The disciples must have thought Jesus was crazy! Clearly the small portions of bread and fish would never feed all the people! However, as we know, there was abundance of food. Everyone had their fill and they had twelve baskets of leftovers! Where did all this food come from? Did Jesus simply multiply the food that the people had brought? Or was it that the people freely shared all that they had brought and thus, they had sufficient food for all the people?

At times in our lives, we also may feel that we do not have sufficient food. It may be that we believe that we do not have enough energy, money, time, talent or ??? (you fill in the blank)! At these times, it may be helpful to recall this Gospel passage! Jesus always gifts us with what we need. Truly we can trust his promise! It may not be what we thought it would be or perhaps what we hoped for. However, if we are open and trusting, Jesus will grace and bless us with what we truly need, even though it may not be what we asked for. Can we be content with this gift? I pray we will!

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